Monday, October 25, 2010

Aaah! We're talking like the script!

Earlier today, Mark revealed that he's now asking for "a picture of the landscape" from people.

Since we started rehearsals, it has been hard not to fall in to the back-and-forth rhythms of Ken Kaissar's fabulous and quirky dialog.

It seems the bug is spreading: I'm uploading a large file, the completed locked picture, for the composer to use as a guide when creating our music. It's taking a long time, so I sent him an email to let him know. This was his response:

A)That makes a lot of sense, can't slow down the upload.
B) Oh sure, he's right.
C) He is?
D) Of course he is, these things take time.
A) Yes, he's right; and time is important. I mean after all, all we have is time.
B) Exactly.
C) 100% right.
D) So what do we do now.
C) Donuts?
D) Oh sure, eating donuts is a great time passer.
C) Right.
D) Donuts it is.
A) Good.

Thanks, Leon!
-Arnon Shorr

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