Thursday, March 3, 2011

Every Film has its First Audience

Last week, we screened "A Modest Suggestion" to an audience of roughly 200 of the Baltimore area's business, community and religious leaders at the wonderful Charles Theatre. It was thrilling to see the film on such a large screen, and to hear such a large crowd react to the waves of humor and gravity that we've worked so hard to create.

I didn't want to spend very much time 'lecturing' to the assembled crowd, so when I did get up to speak after the film, my message was brief: You Matter!

Here's the basic idea: since this is such a small (dare I say, "modest") film, each one of you can impact its growth and advancement very dramatically.

Since the screening, quite a few people have come up to me and asked how they can help us spread word about it. Here are a few notes on different ways you can help. Some may involve a bit more work, others may be a little easier, but they're all important!

First, some web suggestions:

The most popular search engine in the world, Google, loves blogs. When a blog includes a link to a web page, that in itself raises that web page's profile dramatically on search engines. So, if you've got a blog, write about and link to A Modest Suggestion.

Email people about the film. Tell your friends to visit the website, If you're on facebook, "like" the facebook page.

Did you know we have a video trailer of the film? Watch it here: -- don't forget to give it a "thumbs up!"

YouTube has a "share" feature, which allows you to share the video in various ways, including on twitter, youtube, facebook, email, etc. Feel free to embed the video in your blog, too!

Mention the film on twitter, or if you're on facebook, use "@amodestsuggestion" to mention the film in your status updates.

Leave comments on the Facebook page, or if you're more ambitious, find film discussion forums and leave notes about "A Modest Suggestion". One fantastic way to help the film gain prestige at this very early stage is to find it on the Internet Movie Database or Give it a ten-star rating and leave a review! Here's the film's IMDB page.

And finally,

Talk, Talk, Talk!
Tell people about the film. Tell them what you think about it. Discuss its messages and themes. It's a film loaded with controversial ideas and challenging assertions, so use it to start a conversation. Who gets to define "being Jewish?" Can there be a legitimate anti-Semitism? Do we know who we are, anyway?

If you have other ideas for helping to spread word about the film, please let us know -- leave us a comment here or get in touch with us via email.

We're still being considered by over a dozen film festivals at the moment. Any hint of 'buzz' that those festivals receive will only help our chances of getting accepted and screening to a much larger audience.

I'm looking forward to seeing this film's star continue to rise. I know that when that happens, it's due to a very large extent to your help in these crucial, early days.

-Arnon Shorr
Director, "A Modest Suggestion"