Sunday, August 8, 2010

Controversial Film to Shoot in Baltimore

Exciting, would be an understatement for the film I’m currently producing, A Modest Suggestion.

I remember back in February 2010, Arnon Shorr, (who will be directing and who is co producing) called and asked me to view a script he just read. Into the first few pages, I smiled, then laughed, and then laughed some more, when I was done reading, I just had to read it all over again, and laughed more.  

I called Arnon back, and before I got to say hello, he said, “so, what do you think?”, “I absolutely love this script,” I yelled out! It’s amazing! What an explosive masterpiece!"

After I calmed down, Arnon asked me, so, are you ready to make this into a feature film? And I remember looking at the phone, thinking, did he just say what I really thought he said?!

And cameras roll in 53 days!

--Israel M. Orange, Producer

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